MMA Heavyweight fighter Jenna Bernick aka Harley SoCal wins the battle to fight again


I am a little late to post this but am SO pumped that woman heavyweight mma fighter Jenna Bernick aka Harley SoCal, will be fighting again this time at Steelfist Fight Night 6. She will be taking down and tapping out (sorry but I am biased 😉 ) another great heavyweight fighter, Rachel Kemker. Jenna has been fighting to get a fight for some time now and it just goes to show you that if you want something bad enough and are persistent enough, you will get it! While she is training hard and putting in her time, she has also enlisted me on her team to help her drop the weight needed in time. This won’t be a problem as I know she wants this fight and will do what it takes. If needed as a very last resort, we will do a necessary healthy weight cut, but again only IF needed will be do this. I can’t wait to see her results weight wise, health wise, performance wise and I know this is only the beginning of more great things to come for her. Here is a link to Wombat Sports who will be reporting on the fights and also a link to Harley’s fanpage on facebook:

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