>This past Saturday at the SAF/ OPA show, I was reminded of why I am so in love with this industry. There is, like any industry, a LOT of politics and ugliness involved, but at the cusp of it all is sheer beauty, love, friendship and such a level of comraderie that one could never imagine. It can be difficult at times to filter out and disregard the negative aspects but the good always shines through in the end. My favourite part of competing and doing expos is the people. I am so inspired by the people I meet and those I can now call my friends. I truly believe that this “place” has some of the best people out there. These people keep me going strong and help me on my long journey. I have been so blessed to be able to start living my dream. Although I am far from any kind of expert and have soooo much to learn I have been having an amazing time being able to help people with their goals to get involved. I have been having so many people asking me to help them to get into this industry, to start competing, living a healthier lifestyle and who, what where to start, which federations etc because I have inspired them. That is even hard for me to write as I don’t believe that I have that “power”. I am sure that anyone who used to know me growing up NEVER would have thought, nor did I. It will be a long journey, it has already been thus far but the climb (with the knock downs) is so worth it now and will be even more so in the future. Hard work and perserverence and just being YOU are the keys to anyone being successful and happy in life. There are so many people who will put you down or leave your side when you need it most but that is just a fear they carry and a perception that is so off, in reference to myself, people don’t really know me at all. I am just me. I am not afraid to speak my mind or tell you how I feel. I thrive on making other people happy and making them feel (and know) that they are so beautiful inside and out, if they are ;). I only say things, good or bad, because I mean it. No falsification, just truth… or no words at all. I don’t believe in people using others to get ahead or stepping allover others. Do it yourself and on your own merits or get out of the way for people who deserve it.
I have learned in the past few weeks why I have such an affinity to certain people and why I just feel the need to keep them close. These people have been saved by this lifestyle and have been through similar “tests” in life. That is something that bonds you on such a deep level. I have been so lucky to meet some of THE most amazing people from all over the world and have been so lucky to have people share their stories with me.Ok sometimes I think I know too much about too many people but those who talk, know that I will listen and keep their tales close to my heart and sealed between my lips. This blog post may not flow smoothly or stay on one topic but too bad LOL this is my blog and I will yammer if I want to ;p

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