Today while I was training pretty good sesh btw and yeah I DID just say sesh :p lifted the most I have for suitcase deadlifts (7 sets 3 reps at 240 to technical failure, at least what I can tell from the lack of mirrors but my back didn’t do the lifting for the most part so ahgoodgood ) and as I was doing my metabolic work at the end of my lifting (I never listen to music in my ears while lifting it just looks like I do) a NIN song came on. I realised the song was called The Collector and than thought about my poem I wrote yesterday, also called The Collector. Why am I posting this you ask? Well because I listen to NIN and while I really do write my own shit from my own experiences and crazy imagination, sometimes subconsciously or otherwise things will influence what you do, write or in relation to fitness, program. Deny all you want but that wonderful new exercise or way of training you THINK you just invented, I can almost guarantee you didn’t really so hop off your high horse. Sure a lot of people may not even realise it and that is totally cool as long as you don’t walk around like so many arrogant douchemonkeys who not only claim to have reinvented the wheel but have their own noses so far up their asses that they don’t even listen to anyone else’s input or concepts. They NEVER claim to learn from anyone else because oh yeah, they are so awesome because they reinvented the wheel. People have been training for centuries and yes there are a lot really awesome people out there who come up with great concepts and methodologies but the legit ones acknowledge that they learn from others along the way. I never understood why so many people (the not-so-legit ones I have learned) are so afraid to build networks and learn from each other to better be able to help people. Why are they always getting their guards up?!? Yes I do understand it is a business but you know what? If you are that concerned about protecting your “secrets” maybe you need to re-evaluate why you are in the industry of health and fitness. And how are you ever going to learn if you don’t ask others questions, even what might be THE supposedly dumbest question ever but really no question is dumb đŸ™‚ You can’t be good at everything and your clients might need some help in an area that you are not most gifted in so than what huh? Have enough humility AND respect for others in the industry. Do you need to be blasting your shit all over social media? In my opinion no and I find that too many people do and it really is for the most part all the same just a different person doing/showing it. Do I or have I EVER claimed to be an expert or the best at all things training and nutrition? Nope sure haven’t I don’t nor ever will because I am ALWAYS learning (seriously ask anyone who knows me my “free time” is spent reading, watching vids and listening to pod and webcasts or attending seminars when I can. I am a geek and I wouldn’t have it any other way) but I guess others might think so which I think is awesome and appreciate sooo much! What I do think I am an expert in though is really caring about people and my clients. I really do. I am not quite sure the purpose of this post  but it really doesn’t matter maybe I just needed to vent or maybe I just want people to understand that you need to be willing to let down your guard and listen and learn from as many people in the industry as you can with an open mind and realise that NO ONE knows everything and everyone learns from everyone so lose your arrogance. Next rant I think will be on the lack of getting to know your clients ie. lack of assessments and history as well as just telling instead of educating.

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