>I often read these little “rants or battles” between organizations and just brush it off but in all honesty it it upsets the hell out of me. I remember when I first saw a fitness competition and how it gave me chills. I began to follow it more and more and the different categories that were involved in this industry like figure and bodybuilding. I admired these people and wanted so badly to change my life and be more like them and what they were involved with. I started to research what was out there for competitions just in case I ever took the leap. As a newbie to this all I am learning so much but am also seeing so many things that break my heart. I thought this industry was about being role models to others? I thought it was about being healthy and fit and living a positive and balanced lifestyle? I am so in awe of those that change their bodies naturally, it is a beautiful and tremendous and inspiring thing. I truly feel very apathetic to those that choose to cheat their way into winning a medal or to their “claim to fame” and feel even worse when I think of the damage they are doing to their bodies needlessly. This is all supposed to be about inspiring others to be healthy and not about who has the most money for the best drugs. I think for an organization to choose to REALLY test for drug use is awesome but I also think that if an organization chooses not to, that is their prerogative and in reality if people choose to take a chance with their lives by taking drugs, they lose no matter what. These shows should only exist to better the lives of people and to see the amazing things that the body is capable of achieving by natural means of ridiculously hard work, focus, dedication and proper nutrition. I truly feel that the dirt always gets washed out and those that stand for what this industry should be about will come out on top. If you truly believe in this lifestyle it should be about the betterment of society and their health and what is best for it which involves bringing people up, having positive relationships and helping your fellow person thrive. Some people’s ethics need to be checked. This may be interpreted in the wrong way but for anyone who knows me, they will know what I stand for and who I am behind. I have had the priviledge of competing with some awesome organizations and you know what, I will always make up my mind on my own about what organizations I will compete with and what I want out of it. ! I have been lucky thus far with meeting some phenomenal people in this industry and for the most part have had a great experience competing and will continue to support these people and these organizations. My first competition was supposed to be with a particular organization but after 90% of those I spoke with who were “behind the scenes” with this organization and those who competed with them had nothing but horrible things to say, I am so glad I chose a different route! I think the people who choose to trash other organizations and people and do childish things to make themselves seem better is ridiculous. Yes it is a business and everyone wants to be on top but trash talk is not the way to do it. All that says is that you can’t stand on your own and that you know you aren’t as great as you claim to be so you have to try to talk the other s down. How’s that REALLY working for ya ;p If you deliver what you promise to those who are a part of your team and to the competitors, you will be prosperous. Treat people like shit, and you will be rolling in it!

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