I am not really a fan of posting what I eat and lifted and blah blah blah on a daily basis for several reasons like I have nothing to prove and couldn’t care less what someone might say about it and secondly, I don’t really think people give a shit about other people’s everyday activities and really you shouldn’t because no two ppl have the same goals/needs :p I am posting a part of my goal and training that started today because for me it is something I am kind of proud of (bc of how much I lifted) and this is MY blog so imma do what I wanna do. My goal for this part of my training cycle is to lose some fat, increase my anaerobic endurance and keep my strength as much as possible. With dietary modifications this should go well as with an increase in anaerobic endurance from shorter rest intervals (can you say higher growth hormone release) and an increase in lactate production this just works.   It is a given that with this goal, my strength will decrease a bit but if my little theory and experiment goes accordingly, the decrease won’t be too bad and I am keeping the intensity ie. load high. I am not going to post the meat of what I am doing but I am posting a key part that should keep my strength up more so than just keeping a high intensity during my weekly training regime. I am also using this as a marker. Other things I am not a fan of are bringing a camera to the gym to take pictures or videos of myself but you are more than welcome to come do that or just watch me train if for some reason it will help you sleep at night. Again, I have nothing to prove, I feel like a douche and somewhat narcissistic and quite frankly it takes away the focus of the workout. Ok so here is my little protocol that I am adding in biweekly to both “test” myself and to most of all help keep my strength as high as possible during this phase of my training:


Shoulder mobility work with stick and bands


One-legged bw deadlift, arms extended out to the sides thumbs point to the ceiling

Standing Cable Core Work – holding a triceps rope close to your body from behind your head, stand away from the cable station on one leg with the other leg at 90 degrees in the air tight to the body. Maintain that while bringing your upper torso to your raised knee and slowly go back to start position standing erect. Repeat on other side.

6 sets of 4 reps with little to no rest between exercises just to move to the next station. By the last set I think I may have taken about 20-30secs. My rest was approx. 2 mins between rounds but I didn’t time it I wanted to go by how I felt but I do think that was pretty close to my rest interval. I went to failure based on form not fatigue bc I have healed many injuries over the past while and don’t need anymore :p  I am proud of my numbers for where I am at in my training but am always going to try to improve (when the timing is right) 🙂 maybe for some these suck but for me nope.

Back Squats (with plate under my heels as I am working on strengthening my VMO and want to perform a better “Olympic” vs “Power” squat  185lbs

T-Bar Rows 105lbs

Hex Bar DL 210lbs

Bench Press 135lbs

Again, these are just markers and this is not my entire program but a part of my experiment.

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